“Success doesn't come to you, you go get it”

Marva Collins


If you are not yet licensed to sell life insurance, but are local to the Saint Louis, MO area, we have some exciting news for you! Greenway Insurance, a local life and health insurance agency located in St. Peters, MO, is currently looking to hire sales superstars for our in-office, fast track licensing program! 

 We are open to helping successful sales reps who are passionate about breaking out into the life insurance industry get licensed through our fast track program.


If you have never sold life insurance, but have a successful track record in sales and think you have what it takes, we want to talk to you! Things we look for include a stable work history (commitment is key in this business), somebody willing to start at the bottom in order to work towards future successes, highly trainable personality, people person, and most of all, a go-getter! 

If you are chosen for our fast track program, we will set you up as a Telemarketer for our agency where you will learn what it takes to develop leads and speak to potential customers. While doing this you will be studying for your licensing exam. If during this time you can prove yourself to us and develop a genuine desire to make it in this industry, we will pay for your testing and licensing! For someone with tenacity and drive this can all take as little as 2-3 weeks. While working as a telemarketer you will be paid a base salary of $320 a week plus you will receive a commission for every lead you develop that turns into a sale. Our Telemarketers average anywhere from $400-$600 a week. 

What better way to break out into this industry? You get paid until you are ready to get licensed, you get your licensing paid for, and you get hands on training along the way from a top agency rated A+ by the BBB! There is really no excuse to not get into this business when going through Greenway. All we need from you is your commitment and drive to be successful. 

So, if any of this intrigues you, stop waiting for the next best thing and contact us today! We are ready to show you the grass is greener over here at Greenway Insurance!

To learn more about our Telemarketing role, please read below...

“The bigger the dream, the harder the grind.”

Kevin Hart

When starting off as a Telemarketer through our fast track program, you will be making cold calls on an auto-dialer through our company phone system and asking folks if they are interested in Final Expense Life Insurance so they don't have to worry about leaving a financial burden "When the Good Lord calls." Premiums are very affordable and it's a great way for middle and lower middle class citizens of this great country to have peace of mind knowing that their family won't be stuck with these expenses.


We need people who will be DEPENDABLE DAY AFTER DAY. 


A comfortable and friendly work environment with your own assigned cubicle at our headquarters in St. Peters, MO.

Thorough training and support for optimal success from an A+ rated Insurance Company with the BBB. 

Base pay plus bonuses for every lead that turns into a sale.

Kick a** agents to optimize your lead conversion until you become one of them!

Additional incentives for top performers.


The brutal truth? This part of training is going to be constant outbound calling on an auto-dialer, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. This is a TOUGH JOB and not everyone is cut out for it. It is repetitive and there's a lot of rejection. 

HOWEVER, there are a lot of benefits to a role like this too! Like knowing you are promoting something that is important and necessary. And, although these are cold calls, we will not have you aggressively spinning your wheels on someone who is just not interested. We would rather you politely end that call and move on to the next potential sales lead. Trust us, we have plenty! So, if you are confident you are someone that can maintain a positive attitude until that next interested lead comes, then keep reading! It also helps to prepare you for the hard work required in this industry. Although the financial rewards are great, you have to earn it. Only the strong survive. This is a great test to see if you have what it takes to make it in the insurance world.


We know it's a grind, but in return we offer a guaranteed base pay of $320 a week. On top of this base pay we also offer bonuses for sales that result from one of your leads and promotions that rotate. Bonuses range from $5-$20 per lead depending upon the carrier. 

Currently, our telemarketers are earning roughly $400-$600 EXTRA PER MONTH just with their bonuses. Our top telemarketers are averaging about $15/hr!This is a numbers game. If you work hard and follow our advice, you could be a top telemarketer while in training!

Our staff is super friendly and hardworking, as you are expected to be. You are in the front lines of customer acquisition - it's a very important function. Do you think you have what it takes? Personality and tenacity is key!


Stay calm under pressure and remain positive through rejection

Be dependable

Have reliable transportation

Work hard and follow training

Display a genuine desire and passion for life insurance and helping others


(Helps if you have a life insurance policy, but certainly not required).

We know this type of position is NOT for everyone, but if you are serious about breaking out into the life insurance industry then this is the perfect opportunity to do it! There is also a lot of potential to earn decent money until your pass your exam. WIN-WIN!

So, if you truly feel you could be the right person to take on this challenge, we invite you to apply or call now! 

Before applying, please note our fast track program is NOT a telecommute option. This is local only in St. Peters, MO. Telecommute paths are for licensed agents only.