For agents in the St. Louis area who are hired to work in-office at our Headquarters, we provide full hands on training and support along with your own fully equipped desk to aide you in your success selling insurance with us. You will be setup free of charge on our HUD System which allows you to connect telephonically to your desktop hands free, so you can recieve live warm lead transfers from our telemarketing department with ease.



For remote agents, we provide training through our own back office training system loaded with various videos, audios, content, call scripts and more; all which you can access from the convenience of your own home office without having to go anywhere for meetings. You can also connect to our HUD system for one low monthly fee, which allows you to make calls with ease and communicate efficiently with office staff as if you were in the office; not to mention allows you access to our quality phone leads. We do also offer the option to fly out to our office for a week of hands on training in order to optimize your success.



In order to gain access to our exclusive online training system, you must be a hired agent through Greenway Insurance. Once you have been officially onboarded and all necessary contracting and paperwork has been completed, you will be asked to sign up through our Agent Login portal to gain access to all of the training and support that Greenway provides to its Remote Agents. This truly is a valuable and unique resource provided by Greenway to its Agents, and we can assure you that all of the materials and content provided are sure to aide you in your success as an independent Agent!

If you are a new Agent and have completed your onboarding paperwork, please click below to get started!