Once accepted as A Broker Agent, there are just a few things that you need in order to start working online from home with Greenway Insurance:


  • Dedicated Phone Line

  • Computer with Reliable Internet Access

  • CRM NowBlitz for Lead Tracking


Learning about these requirements for your work-from-home business and deciding which phone, computer, and headset you want can help you get started quickly once you become a successful Remote Agent.



Your work-from-home business will need a dedicated phone line that is SEPARATE from any personal phone line you use for personal calls. This dedicated phone line should only be used for providing services to Greenway clients.


Options to set this up for your home-based business:


  1. Many agents use a basic landline phone that they purchase online or at a local retail store.

  2. A headset that is compatible with, and plugs directly into your dedicated landline phone is also fine.

  3. Some agents purchase a corded headset phone in lieu of a separate phone and headset. Corded headset phones may be purchased online or at a local retail store.


  1. ​You can choose to connect to our HUD system for a set monthly fee. However, if you choose to connect to our Phone Operating System, you will need to have a USB Headset and meet the rest of the requirements set forth in this section. To learn more about using our HUD system, please see the “HUD System Agreement” section of your agent contract for details. PERKS TO CONNECTING TO OUR HUD SYSTEM ARE AS FOLLOWS:               

  • Have dedicated Greenway IT staff take care of setting you up with a seat on our HUD, and trouble shooting any technical issues on your behalf moving forward.

  • See who is logged in and what their availability is in real time for easy communication.

  • Be able to chat live with anyone on the HUD as needed.

  • Gain exclusive access to our live daily telemarketer phone transfer leads when available. You must be connected to our HUD for phone lead access. Availability to this perk will be dependent on a variety of factors including amount of telemarketers and amount of agents connected. Standard Monthly HUD Pricing will remain the same, as phone leads are an added benefit, not a price determinating factor.

​    2. You may also choose to connect to a HUD System on your own. We recommend using Fonality. This is who Greenway             uses and we find them to be affordable and reliable in comparison to other phone systems. Also, Fonality functions                 with CRM, NowBlitz. When using both, you can use a "one click" call feature to make calling your leads seamless! 

        Keep in mind that although this can be cheaper than connecting to our HUD System, all of the benefits outlined above           will not be available to you, including access to our phone leads. When connecting to our HUD, you get everything that           the premium plan with Fonality has to offer plus all of the additional perks above. Plus, many of our remote agents                 find the slight increase in investment worth it because of the benefits that direct access to our HUD provides. Many say         it makes them feel more a part of the Greenway team. We love that! If you are still interested in an independent                       connection, please visit: For pricing on our HUD or a separate HUD through Fonality, click here.



You may also choose to purchase an affordable cell phone plan for your business. Keep in mind that although this is entirely up to you, it may not be as easy to track your calls or record calls, especially from a Broker GA perspective. Greenway prefers using a phone system that allows you to monitor, record, and track your calls. We find this adds to the agent's success. If you want to be able to take calls wherever you are, we recommend call forwarding your phone system to a dedicated cell phone to solve this issue.

Regardless of what type of phone system you choose to use, a personalized greeting must be setup on your voicemail system that is specifically for your remote agent business through Greenway.



Your work-from-home business will need a reliable desktop and/or laptop computer. DSL, Cable Modem, or wireless connectivity is acceptable, as long as your internet connection is reliable.


It is strongly recommended that your computer meet the following requirements:


Processor - 1 GHz Intel Pentium P4 processor or better

Memory - minimum of 1 GB of RAM Memory

Operating System – Windows Vista Professional Edition, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Browser - Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Google Chrome

Java – Java 8.4 or higher

Monitor – capable of displaying at least 1024 X 768 pixels, or dual monitors.

Sound – sound card installed and be equipped with speakers or headphones. Sound cards are often included in computers and are needed to allow you to hear audio.

USB Headset – a headset that plugs into your computer for use during conference calls and/or training sessions is optional.

Printer - a printer is optional, but highly recommended.


It is also strongly recommended that you configure your computer system in accordance with Microsoft's recommendations as outlined on their “Protect Your PC Web Site.” These steps include:


Enable and configure the Windows Update module to update automatically

Enable Windows standard firewall

Install Anti-Virus software and configure it to automatically update

Install Adware software to protect from spyware, malware, etc.


In order to become a Broker Agent through Greenway and to receive premium television leads, we require that you have access to a the NowBlitz CRM database. This allows us to efficiently transfer and track leads sent to you on a daily basis and it also allows you to monitor your leads and track your outreach/success with them. If you want to be successful selling life insurance as an independent agent, you NEED a CRM database. Remember, you are essentially running your own business, on top of having the perks of a partnership with an established A+ Rated Insurance Agency. This means you will need to be setup for success.


NowBlitz is going to allow you to run your business, stay organized, and use your leads to their fullest potential. Greenway has been using this CRM for years. Due to its ease of use, lead tracking capabilities, and low monthly rates, it is a no brainer really. Plus, as mentioned above, if you choose to purchase a phone line through Fonality or Connect to our HUD, you can make "one click" calls within NowBlitz due to its connection with Fonality!


Feel free to check them out at for their latest pricing or click here to read our investment page.

Ready to get started on your journey towards success?