Remote Broker Overview

A Remote Broker Agent Career Opportunity through Greenway is different from our Local Agent or Fast Track opportunities. The first difference is obviously that you get to work from home! Continue reading to learn more about the uniqueness of this particular career path.


A Remote Broker Agent Position is perfect for those who are already licensed in life insurance and have some hands on experience in the industry, but also know the value that a partnership with an established firm can provide for them. Agents in this opportunity are essentially running their own business, but with the support of our agency. In this career path, you will have access to the best leads and also top of the line training and support.


As a remote captive career agent with Greenway, you will have direct access to our virtual training tools which we have created and organized to help you succeed. This access is free of charge to all Broker agents we establish a partnership with! To learn more about the tools provided in our training center, click here. 


The investment required to work as a remote Broker Agent with Greenway is different than being an in-office agent. Versus a standard Marketing Co-Op for being in-office, you will essentially be running your own business from home with our support, so there is additional capital required to set yourself up for success. This includes purchasing a CRM for lead dispersal and customer tracking, and the purchase of our premium TV leads for selling. You may also make additional purchases to increase your success such as buying direct access to our HUD on a monthly basis, which allows you to be in the loop for our live phone leads while having a complete phone system operating through Greenway!

To learn more about why our leads are worth the investment, click here.


To learn more about what is required to work from home, click here. 


Please note pricing for CRM, Leads, and HUD will vary based on a variety of factors. You must apply and be considered for hire in order to determine exact pricing. All appropriate legal contracts will be provided to validate our agreement. 


For standard price ranges in order to create a monthly estimate of the costs associated with running this business, you may click here.


Keep in mind that although working from home is a wonderful perk, it can be both a blessing and a curse for insurance agents. It can either make your or break you. That is why this opportunity is best for agents with some experience and capital to invest in everything necessary to work independently. Establishing your life insurance business from home requires extreme discipline and is much more hands off than the in-office role since you won't have direct in-office support at your disposal. There is risk with any investment, but take it from a company who has been in this business for almost 3 decades, the reward is even greater!


Now that we have addressed the risk on your part with starting your own work from home life insurance business, let us relish in the rewards that are sure to follow. If you dedicate yourself and follow the training and support we offer, there is potential to make far more income than you ever could as a captive agent in an office. Why? Because you are in a different level of your career at this capacity. Thus, commissions are higher due to your contract level. As a Broker Agent, you are in the driver's seat and we are merely a helpful passenger. Although there is more of an investment on your part, the payouts will cover the costs associated with this quickly if you are good at what you do; and you would not be confident enough in this type of investment if you were NOT good at what you do!


Another beautiful reward that being a Broker Agent can provide is the ability to hire your own agents. Again, since this is essentially your own business, you have the ability to do this and earn even bigger rewards! So, how exactly does this work? .....


Some Brokers never hire any agents and are perfectly content and extremely successful regardless, but for those that want to get out of the driver's seat at some point and let others take the wheel, this can be the perfect solution for them. Greenway recommends attempting something like this only after you have established a pretty successful track record on your own from home and have retained enough capital to support your hired agents as they become acclimated. It is also a huge plus if your understand business or have some type of management background. Our Founder, Dan Roemerman, is happy to share insight on how to be successful at this, should you choose to go this route down the road. He loves seeing our Broker Agents create there own teams of successful agents because to him it is a reflection of our ability to train, mentor and equip all of our agents for a successful financial future in an industry Greenway is so passionate about!


If you are interested in a Broker Agent opportunity with Greenway Insurance, we invite you to read our  Broker Opportunity Details  page in order to learn more about how it works and what we look for regarding specific qualifications.

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