Leads, Leads, Leads, and More Leads!

Best Leads in the Industry and We Have Proof!

Greenway Insurance is about to toot its own horn, and for good reason. If you are an agent that has been in this industry even for a short while you know this SOLID TRUTH:

Leads will make or break your success in this industry!

Yes! Motivation, drive, passion, tenacity, loyalty, people skills; all of this will not bring you the success you deserve if you have crappy leads! It's because we know this and because we work hard and pay the premium for quality leads that we CAN toot our horn! This page may be a little flashier than all the rest, but that is because we NEED you to STOP and PAY ATTENTION! We are about to tell you something that we FIRMLY believe in:

If you follow our training and work the leads we provide and are NOT able to be successful in this industry, then you are not meant to be in this industry. We know that is a little harsh, but what we are saying is that we truly have a proven sales system and premium leads. There is no reason you won't be able to be highly successful with our leads unless you are not bringing the right elements to the table to close the deal. 

What Makes Our Leads So Darn Great?!

Our leads are the best because they are legit. You would not believe how many good Agents we have saved from bad leads. It is such a reward for us when we find a great Agent and we learn they have been working illegally obtained automated phone leads (you know, "press 1" if you are interested in blah, blah, blah) or leads bought from unreliable sources that are just out to take your money. We sort of love hearing this from Agents because it not only reconfirms that we are doing things right, but it excites us because we know what they actually deserve and we can actually give it to them! 

Our Leads Are Warm and Real!

We only use premium LIVE phone leads from our own dedicated Telemarketing Department and Premium TV Leads from Customers directly expressing interest in Life Insurance from Paid Advertising.

Once our leads reach the sales Agent, they are not cold. These leads are either live transfers waiting to talk to you, or they are not surprised when you tell them why you are calling. They invited the call. Now, this does not mean every lead is going to turn into a sale. We are not living in a fantasy world here. But, what this does mean is that you have the best chance at closing a deal with leads like these. Now, there are a variety of factors that will be dependent upon an actual sale such as, change of heart, difficult to reach, or lack of motivation or sales skills on the Agent's part. We cannot gaurantee numbers here, but what we can guarantee is that if you do work hard and perfect your selling skills through our training, you CAN be EXTREMELY successful. 






Here is some great news for Agents interested in a remote business opportunity through Greenway! Not only do you have access to leads you would not be able to get on your own as an independent Agent, you will have access to pricing on them you would not be able to find on your own either! By partnering with Greenway, you get discounted rates because you are buying from us, and we get reduced bulk rates on our TV leads! Not to mention we pay for a fully operational telemarketing department so you don't have to!

HERE IS A VIABLE FACT: The retail cost of the leads we provide are $50 a lead. This is a pretty average rate for a good lead in this industry. However, when you partner with Greenway as a Broker, you get our leads at a reduced rate. To see our exact lead rates, please see our Broker Details page. If you have reviewed the Broker Details Page you will see that regardless of which commission level you choose, you will never pay more than $25 a lead with us! That is half off the cost of the standard retail value! You could even be paying as little at $15 a lead!


How is this even possible? We buy our leads at wholesale pricing due to the amount of leads we purchase through our lead source. Plus, we produce our own high quality phone leads in-house! We have built a business that allows us to get rates an individual Agent or Broker could never get on their own; it's just that simple!


"Without risk there is no reward."

If you want a truly successful business in life insurance that allows you freedom to work from home and unlimited earning potential with renewals for life, you have to invest on some level. It can seem scary at first because there is no way to predict the future. But, if you are licensed, dedicated to training, motivated to put in the effort, and passionate about helping others, YOU WILL see a return on your investment. IT WILL HAPPEN. And it doesn't have to take months either. You can get a return in a few weeks if you work hard. You just have to believe in yourself and believe it is possible. Are you ready for some proof? Hey, let's face it, seeing is believing...


Medical Disqualifications out of the Question!

Another sure fire reason we can hook, line and sink these leads is the fact that Greenway offers KEMPER and GERBER GI policies! No longer will you have to turn away an interested client for health reasons when you get appointed with these carriers. These fast, affordable, guaranteed issued final exense policies are selling like crazy because anyone who wants one pretty much qualifies! Coupled with our great leads, you will feel like you truly can conquer this market! 

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