Because we invest in you.

If you have read about our Broker Program and are interested in investing in this one of a kind business opportunity, congratulations!


Now, as with any investment opportunity, we are sure you have some questions as to what it costs to get started. First, let's breakdown what exactly you will need to purchase in order to be approved for a contract with Greenway.

PLEASE NOTE: These investments only apply to those interested in a REMOTE opportunity with us. All In-House Agents are considered Captive Career Agents and simply engage in a standard marketing co-op contract for leads. No additional investments are required. If you are local to Saint Louis, MO and are interested in working in our office, please APPLY NOW to learn more about becoming an In-House Agent.

Basic Broker Requirements:

  • CRM NowBlitz Database Access

  • Dedicated Phone Line

  • Greenway Lead Program

Now, there are some additional purchases you may make in order to increase the profitability of your business:

Not required, highly recommended:

  • Greenway HUD access (In lieu of dedicated phone line)

  • Spotlight photo/bio on company website

To learn more details about the CRM, Dedicated phone line or HUD Access, please click here.

To learn more about the Lead Program, click here.

Now, as stated in our Remote Requirements page, pricing on all of the above may vary based on a variety of factors. However, we can give you an estimate based on prior purchases made by other Brokers and current pricing on recommended resource websites.


Basic Requirements Only:

  • CRM: Estimated Monthly CRM Database pricing for individual Broker using required NowBlitz CRM.

Basic Professional Package: 

(Save 10%!)
No Set-up Fee

Professional Plus Package:

(Save 10%!)
+ $100.00 Set-up Fee


(These prices may vary according to NowBlitz. Please visit https://www.nowblitz.com/plans-pricing/ for up to date pricing).

  • Phone system: There are many options to using a dedicated phone line. Here are just a few affordable examples:

Recommended Fonality HUD Access for individual Broker (Not Greenway HUD access):

Basic Essentials Package (No Softphone. Desk Phone only).


per user/per month




per user/per month


Professional Package (Softphone access with Headset).


per user/per month




per user/per month


(See exact pricing and features of Fonality phone system here.)

(See current Fonality special offers here.)

(Click here to learn more about how Fonality couples with the NowBlitz CRM!)

Another affordable option for a dedicated phone line is to use a landline you already have setup at home. Keep in mind this needs to be dedicated to your business and not used for any personal calls. Some people have bundles with their TV service providers that include a home line they have never used. This means your phone access may not have to be an additional expense, or a low one time purchase of a home phone ($20). 

  • Lead Purchase Program: As far as purchasing our leads is concerned, this is really where our partnership comes into play. Our lead system is what is going to make your investment in Greenway worth every penny. Leads are the bread and butter of your business, and we deliver the best you will find in the industry, at rates you could never get on an individual basis. To learn more about our premium leads, click here.

Weekly TV Lead Program Pricing: 

$15 per lead x 10 lead per week = $150

$18 per lead x 10 lead per week = $180

$20 per lead x 10 lead per week = $200

Remember, that these are PREMIUM leads sold to you at discount bulk rates. You simply would not be able to find these leads at these prices on your own!

Lead Purchase Requirements:

you must purchase a minimum of 10 leads at a time at a bi-weekly rate minimum. This means an average of 20 leads a month minimum is required. The maximum amount you can purchase is 20 leads a week. In fact, we have most of our brokers doing this because it it yielding the best financial results for them.

Lead Payment Protocol:

All leads must be setup for payment via a credit card or bank account on file for the agent. We will create a recurring auto-draft for you based upon the agreed upon contract level and lead amount requested by the agent and Greenway. Should you ever want to change your lead amount or qualify to change contract levels, we will simply have you fill out a new form for payment authorization that reflects these changes. For more info on contract levels, click here.

Bottom Line:

If you are experienced and good at selling, you could easily close an average of 6-8 of these leads which would easily pay back your investment while earning you substantial profits! And, once the commissions and residuals start rolling in, this investment will seem like such a tiny investment that you will deem VITAL to your business. Any great agent knows that leads are what can sink or swim you. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our leads, we will refund you your money! THAT IS HOW CONFIDENT WE ARE! Another great benefit is that your leads can be recycled in your Now Blitz CRM. This means you can track your outreach and conversations with them easily and maintain persistence in reaching out to older leads. Just because it won't close now, doesn't mean it won't close later!

Additional Purchase Options:

  • Greenway HUD Access: If you choose to purchase access to Greenway's HUD system instead of purchasing your own dedicated line, you can do this by paying a monthly fee. Pricing for HUD Access will vary on live phone lead availability and seat availability, but typically ranges from $50-75/mo (with a one-time installation fee of $100). To learn more about the benefits to connecting to our HUD, please click here.

  • Spotlight on company website: Should you decide you want to build your credibility as a life insurance Broker and partner of Greenway Insurance, you can pay a small monthly fee of $10/mo! And remember, if you are a top agent, this fee can be waived! To learn more about this please click here.


So, hopefully after reviewing the basic purchase requirements and additional purchase options above, you can see that you can be running your own successful life insurance business from home through a valuable partnership with Greenway Insurance for very minimal costs!


In fact, based upon the prices outlined above,you can be a Broker with us for as low as $345.99/mo with Fonality purchase or $325.99/mo with your own phone line. Even with all of the additional perks, you can keep your monthly installments under $400! 


Think about the cost of running your own franchise, or business with a real office location. Rent alone could far surpass the monthly payments listed above for this opportunity, not to mention the additional expenses of hiring staff, getting permits, licenses, etc;  and let's not forget the net worth, credit scores and loan approval requirements that come along with establishing a credible business these days. This opportunity eliminates all of those concerns! All this business opportunity requires is a life insurance license, the ability to sell, and an initial investment of around $350 dollars. We say "initial investment" because once you start earning commissions off of these high quality, premium leads, your monthly investment pretty much pays for itself thereafter! You will be earning far more than your monthly installments and these payments will become vital to the growth and sustainment of your business. As the months pass by, your income will surely grow, but your installments will remain pretty much the same! It is just like paying a marketing co-op as a captive in-office agent. Although the investment is greater, the rewards are even greater! You are essentially taking your life insurance career to the next level.

Click here to see some examples of recent payouts to a couple of our top agents. You can see based off of their checks that the lead investment is worth it because they are CLOSING some serious business!



So you see, for everything you get, this is truly the best partnership opportunity out there for life insurance agents looking to break out into the Broker channel. As a reminder, here is an outline of all of the amazing benefits to investing in a business with Greenway Insurance:

Consistent flow of Premium Leads guaranteed to close

Secured Access to dedicated training portal with various tools to aide in your success

Optional Access to Greenway Phone System for easy communication with staff

Dedicated Support personnel to assist with any questions you have

IT assistance for setup and troubleshooting when accessing our HUD

Premium Spot on Greenway Website for credibility! (Earned or Purchased)

Credibility and reputation backed by an A+ Rated BBB Insurance agency with tenured experience!

So, if you feel you are in a position to take your life insurance career to the next level, we invite you to apply for a Broker Partnership with us! We look forward to connecting!