Green States Are Greenway States!

In order to do business as a Broker through Greenway Insurance, you must be licensed in at least 7 of the GREEN states above.

If you are NOT licensed in at least 7 of the Greenway states, you can still be considered for the Broker Opportunity if you get the additional licenses in order to meet this requirement. Since we know this is an additional investment on your part, we will offer you this:

If you write $25k worth of production within the first 90 days of entering an agreement with us, we will reimburse you %50 of all of your licensing expenses for any licenses you ended up getting in order to enter into a partnership with us!


Now, even though 7 of the Greenway states are required, we encourage you to obtain more licenses in order to truly grow your business and have access to the best viable leads!


It's simple...the more states you are licensed in, the more leads you have access to. The more leads you have access to, the more money you make!

Also, if you want to ensure you always get the surplus of high quality leads you need to succeed, we highly recommend getting licensed in states that have proven to be filled with the right target market! We call these states...


Golden states are the states where Greenway has discovered the highest success rates with lead volume and conversion. For various reasons, some states yield higher quality and more consistent leads than others. It is through the partnership with our viable lead source and our own analytics that we were able to determine the BEST states to sell life insurance in. For some states it's due to that "Southern Hospitality," and others are where older folks go to retire. Some states are simply untapped resources with not as much competition. Regardless, we have cracked a very important nut!


Not only are our lead conversions analyzed for best conversions, they are QUALITY Leads that are people who are expressing some form of interest in what we have to offer! It is a double whammy! Where else are you going to find a lead source that provides you with TARGETED, HIGH QUALITY LEADS such as these?! 

Now, if this excites you, we strongly advise you to get licensed in our Golden States in order to reap the highest rewards. We will even guide you on what you need to do to get your license if you do not already have it in a particular state, and most are no more than a small fee and simple application. Remember, we are even willing to reimburse you up to 50% of any fees associated with this if you are trying to reach our 7 state minimum requirement. So, if you are interested in a Broker Opportunity, please apply now! If we feel you could be a good broker partner for us, we would be more than happy to share with you what states we recommend and get you well on your way to getting licensed and making sales!