If you have made it to this page then we are excited because this means you are definitely interested in our Remote Broker Opportunity! So, now that you have taken the time to learn the logistics, let's get down to the meat and potatoes!

PLEASE NOTE: The details on this page only apply to our Broker Opportunity. Commissions and professional requirements for our in-office Captive Career Agents are entirely different. If you are local to Saint Louis, MO and are interested in learning more about an in-office agent position, please APPLY NOW.

Professional Requirements

If you have taken the time to read everything on our Broker Opportunity, you may have gathered that this opportunity is NOT for every agent. It takes a certain type of agent to be successful in this type of business model, and as a result, there are certain guidelines that must be met in order to qualify. This is not just a job; this is a partnership. Although the basic requirements are to meet the remote setup requirements and also have the capital to invest, there is more to it than this. 

Greenway has been in this business for almost 3 decades now, and because of our knowledge in the industry, we have a screening process in place that allows us to spend time focusing on broker relationships that are going to yield the best results for the company. It is also because of this that we have to turn away from many agents that think they are ready for something like this. So, rather than telling you what are expectations are, let us tell you who this is NOT right for.


  • You are not licensed to sell life insurance

  • You are licensed, but you have not written any business yet. (We need some verifiable information that you CAN actually sell life insurance.)

  • You do not have the ability to invest financially in your own life insurance business from home. Please click here to learn about our investment requirements if you have not already done so.

  • You are not committed to working hard to build a business from home.

  • You are only in it for the money, and do not have a genuine desire to help others

  • You do not work well with others and are unable to adhere to contractual obligations that a partnership requires.

  • You are bound to a contract with another agency that will directly conflict with doing business through Greenway. 

  • You are unable to meet the licensing requirements set forth by Greenway. Click here to learn more.

  • You are unable to meet the remote requirements set forth by Greenway. Click here to learn more.


Ok, that last one is a no-brainer! But, you ge the point. Hey, there is no sense in wasting your own time or money if you simply do not have what it takes to thrive in this type of opportunity. This is for a special kind of Agent; a Superstar with tenacity who is tired of being jaded or is ready to take their life insurance career to the NEXT Level.

Now, if you truly beleive you ARE the right agent for this opportunity, let's get to the part that motivates you most...COMMISSIONS!

Broker Agent Commission Structure

Your commissions are going to be solely dependent upon the lead contract that you enter with us. Lead contracts offered through Greenway for our Broker Program are as follows:

LEVEL 1: 80% Contract = $15 a lead

LEVEL 2: 90% Contract = $20 a lead

LEVEL 3: 100% Contract = $25 a lead

**All Contract Levels require a purchase of 10 leads per week minimum. Click here to learn why.

When first entering into an agreement with Greenway, all Broker agents are required to start at the 80% Contract level. After 60 days of loyal and consistent production, you may move into level 2, if desired. If you move to level 2 after 60 days and decide after an additional 30 days you want to move to level 3, you can! Moving to level 2 or 3 is not required, but any smart agent who is producing should take full advantage due to the higher contract levels. It is par for the course if you truly want to climb the ladder of success in this industry!


Here is the best part; no matter what level you are at, you are getting an unbelievable rate on our premium leads! Remember, average retail cost for our premium TV leads are $50 and our live phone transfers (should you connect to the HUD) are priced at around $60 per lead! This is truly unmatched in the industry! And, with our competitive contract levels, the grass really is greener over here at Greenway!


If you move to level 3 and end up writing $250k worth of production for the year for the company, we will drop your lead rate back down to $15 a pop and keep you at the 100% contract level! Incentives like this are available to any agent that qualifies because we are in the business of taking care of our superstars!


How about one more bonus? If you write $25k worth of production within the first 90 days of entering an agreement with us, we will pay %50 of all of your licensing expenses for any licenses you ended up getting in order to enter into a partnership with us. To learn more about licensing requirements for our Broker Program, please click here.

So, if you have made this far and think you have what it takes to excel in our Remote Broker Business Model, then it's time to pull the trigger! Click the Apply Now Button Below and fill out the application. Please make sure to select the appropriate career path option when applying. We look forward to getting to know you and congratulate you on taking the first step towards a rewarding financial future in the Final Expense Industry!