Welcome to our payout proof page. Get ready to see some real incomes through Greenway along with some guidelines on how to join the league of top agents! All checks are based on one week's pay, as we pay commissions out every Friday at Greenway. You decide if earning any of the below amounts in a single week motivates you to click the APPLY NOW button...



The first two examples are to show you what earning potential is like for a new rep. This rep has only been working with Greenway a couple of months and is already killing it in commissions! This rep is one of our top producers and has also volunteered to assist Greenway with creating top quality training materials via our virtual training center. He is a superstar, and with his help and ours, you can be too!


Here is an example of another check just a couple of weeks later from the same rep above. This is to show you that the first check was NOT some lucky deal. This agent is working hard and it shows. These types of checks are no surprise to him or to us. He is a top producer, and you can be too! If he can make this kind of money after only being with us a couple of months, and only selling life insurance less than a year...then you can too!


Now for the hook; the beauty about getting into our Broker Program is the overrides! This is cash flow that comes in regularly from past sales on policies still in effect. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Below is a screenshot of a check for a rep who has been working at Greenway long enough to start seeing this happen. On top of his weekly commission of $823.72, you will see an override amount of $270.47! That is just passive money for a single week! Imagine this happening to you weekly, increasing as you increase your business. It is what makes the grind so worth it!


Hopefully this helps you see that it is possible to earn big commissions on a weekly basis; and above are three very real examples of this happening here at Greenway! 


Now, I am sure you are wondering if this is just the exception in a saturated market, but we are here to tell you that you never need to worry about being a small fish in an overcrowded pond when it comes to this industry due to this one simple fact:

There are 75 million baby boomers and an average of 10,000 people each day will reach age 65. 

This means that although there is competition in this industry, there will never be enough to tap out this ever-growing market, EVER!

Also... (and this one is tough to swallow):

92% of all insurance agents fail. This is due to the following reasons:

* Not working hard enough

*Giving up before the payoff
* Making the same mistakes
* Not understanding the product well enough
* Not understanding the competition
* Having an income requirement that is initially unattainable

The first fact should excite you because it shows you that you will never run out of potential customers to sell to! And this is just one bracket of people, there are people of all ages that need life insurance.

The second fact should NOT scare you if you are meant to be successful in this industry. It should excite you as well if you have what it takes! Why? Because this industry requires people who see information like that and are motivated to be that 8%. These are people who know the following:

*They are hard workers

*They stay in the game

*They learn from their mistakes

*They educate themselves on the product

*They research competition regularly and learn how to compete

*They are realistic about the starting phase in this business and initial                   investment required to obtain long term success

Anyone who believes that a career selling life insurance is a cake walk, should probably turn around and walk the other way. Realism is required. But success is possible. And it all boils down to YOU and the AGENCY you choose to partner with. Greenway prides itself on its realism, its dedication, and its desire to provide top of the line training. But, we cannot sell for you. You have to take what we teach you and apply it. You have to invest in your business. You have to work hard and stay at it. It is a two-way street; a partnership. 

So, hopefully these earnings are proof enough that the money potential is there. You just have to BELIEVE that if they can do it, YOU CAN TOO! The best part is, the agents above not only follow our training system, they helped us create it! So, if you follow it and work hard, there is no reason you cannot be successful as well!

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