Interested in building your credibility as a Life Insurance Broker and Parnter of Greenway Insurance? For a small monthly fee of $10/mo, you can be featured as a Broker Partner for Greenway Insurance on our company website! This includes a professional photo of you, a short bio of your background including current licensing/numbers, and links to any of your websites or additional information, if applicable. 


If you are an experienced Life Insurance Agent, you understand the value of crediblity in this industry. Although 100% telesales is convenient to both agent and client, too many people are weary of going through a sale of any kind when it is done completely over the phone. They want to know that you are who you say you are, and you do what you say you do. In their defense, would you want to hand over your personal information, including your bank account details, to someone you have never even met who reached out to you for a sale? 


This is why it is not only important to build your credibility and trustworthiness via the conversation, but also to back it up with access to all of your credentials. A lot of agents end up having to ask the individual to write down their license numbers and look it up for verification, or end up calling the State Licensing Department on three way to gain the customers trust. However, with a spolight feature on our secure company website,, you can bypass this almost 100% of the time. Simply give them the link to our website and direct them to the agent page to learn all about YOU! 


You would be amazed at how comforting it is to see that you are a part of an agency with an A+ rating with the BBB, tons of information at the clients disposal, and verifiable contact information, including office headquarters. This can save you so much time and be a great lead into buidling your potential clients trust, which makes it completely worth the small $10/mo fee! The monthly fee covers the cost of setting up and maintaining your bio page, and also solidifies your committment to engaging in a reputable relationship with Greenway Insurance. 


Now here is a reward worth striving towards, if you become a top producing Broker with us, we will waive your monthly fee for as long as you hold that spot! Not only will you get a free bio on our agent page, but we will put you at the top of the page and mark you as a featured agent! This is great for any organic traffic that comes to our site looking to purchase life insurance. This is also incentive for our Brokers to work hard and maintain that momentum!


Ready to get started and work towards that featured spot?