• Live lead transfers ready to talk final expense!


  • Top of the line TV leads provided weekly!


  • Day One Vesting!


  • Ongoing Training and Support


  • Affiliation with an A+ rated BBB Insurance Agency with almost three decades of experience


  • No micro-managing here! You are given the room necessary to perfect your personal closing style





We have agents here that have left well-known insurance telesales businesses to come work for us and they love it! Other agencies may be larger, but they tend to over-promise and set unrealistic work expectations. They are quick to scold and with-hold versus taking the time to mentor and guide each agent while also being truthful about first-year expectations.




We put more trust in our new agents than most other agencies because we know that by doing this, the agent is more motivated to keep this trust out of appreciation and mutual respect.


We do not own you, nor do we want to make you feel that way; we treat you as a partner in this business because essentially you are.  


We provide you with training, support, reputation and quality leads; you provide us with written contracts, loyalty and help us build and sustain our reputation. 




It is easy for a newly licensed insurance agent to get overwhelmed with the various channels of revenue at their disposal. Trying to juggle too many policies and carriers can lead to confusion and being overwhelmed, especially when you are just gettting started and trying to find your groove in this industry. However, there is a silver lining.


What most successful agents have discovered as a solution to this problem is to focus their sales on Final Expense policies because this is both lucrative and simple to master with the right dedication and effort. In fact, it can be so lucrative and successful that many agents find themselves sticking to it long term and making a solid career out of selling final expense policies!


Final Expense is a great niche for life insurance agents because the plans are the most practical and affordable for the average person. These policies sell the most, plain and simple! This is a numbers game, and in an industry where there is a lot of competition, you need the most clientele at your disposal. This is where Greenway Insurance comes in to help!


We are masters of selling in the Final Expense niche. We have contracts with several A+ rated carriers and even have NMO status with our highest producing contract, which means higher contracts for our agents! We offer targeted TV leads to all of our agents, plus top of the line training and support to help you gain a foothold in Final Expense. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start navigating our our site to learn more about the various opportunities that we have to offer.

Here is what some of our Staff has to say about working with Greenway:

"The marketing campaigns always keep our phones busy and the owner Dan Roemerman is one of the fairest people I have ever worked for."

Jaime M.

"I have been licensed for about 10 years and have tested the waters with several different agencies. I have heard multiple hype stories. Now, after being at Greenway over 2 years, I don't see myself going anywhere else! "

Joe B.

"The overall atmosphere is very relaxed and all of the people here are very friendly and always ready to help with whatever concerns you may bring."

Jenny S.

As a new agent at Greenway, I am grateful for the support and training provided by Greenway staff. They are doing everything they can to set me up for success. Because of Greenway's belief in me, I am buidling my confidence daily. 

Jon B.

Working as a Broker for the first time, I was nervous about things working out. However, with Greenway by my side, I am excelling beyond my initial expectations! I can now confidently say I made the right choice with Greenway and am very excited about the financial rewards that are coming our way. 

Tom D.